All-in-one Dashboard V2X Device  

    Key Features

• Small form factor for dashboard installation 

• Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) Connectivity

• Secured IoT Connectivity

• Built-in antenna (WAVE/DSRC, GNSS, LTE, BT)

  V2X Analysis System (VAS)

    The engineering tool sets for data gathering, management, analysis and testing of V2X field test.

    Key Features

• Supporting N:N performance analysis among OBUs (up to 10)

• Time interval filtering according to the mobility pattern for performance analysis

  - According to the repeated vehicle’s mobility scenarios

  - Available scenarios: FCW/EEBL, DNPW, LCW/BSW, IMA, LTA, etc

• Providing easily customizable, accessible and fancy UI based on web technology

 VAS includes 

  - VAS-Center : DB & Web-server S/W for V2X data collection & management

  - VAS-Logger : V2X Data logging from OBU and external GPS

  - VAS-Track : Tracking and playing back the status of V2X field testing

  - VAS-Pef : Analysing V2X communication performance among N OBUs

  - VAS-VSA (Vehicle Safety Application) : S/W Tool for visualizing V2X VSA data
VAS Overview